About Us

The full-on bank, for your sky-high expectations.

Welcome to your hometown bank, locally owned with local decision-making. We're here to invest back into our own community.

Standing in your corner. Never boxed in. Embracing all of our communities.

Cornerstone Bank was founded in 2001 by some of Atlanta's top business leaders to serve small businesses, professional corporations, the real estate community, and the owners of those businesses. Today, the Bank continues serving all of our communities as a leading SBA and Mortgage lender, tailoring custom solutions for our clients’ banking needs. 


Cornerstone Bank has the Corner on the Business Market

We pride ourselves on providing the best banking products and services for your company. With innovative business products and deposits services such as e-Check Scan Remote Deposit System and e-CORP cash management solutions, Cornerstone Bank brings the bank to our clients' offices and homes.

We understand the day-to-day pressures of running a business and working toward the future. So you can rest assured that with Cornerstone Bank, your banking team will be standing beside you helping your business grow steadfast and strong.

In addition, with highly trained banking center managers and staff, we can also provide personal banking services to you and your family, your employees, and fellow executives. So discover a new kind of business banking in Atlanta.


Cornerstone Bank: Always in Your Corner. Never Boxed In.