e-Check Scan

A Fast Turnaround on Your Money

e-Check Scan is an electronic check deposit system that gives your business the ability to quickly prepare and make deposits of monies into your account - all without leaving your location. And, most likely, we can save you money as your monthly bank charges will decrease. With e-Check Scan, you will not need to drive to the bank to make your deposits so you can spend more time on what really matters. e-Check Scan uses a scanner to scan all your checks and create an electronic file that is transmitted to the bank by 5 p.m. each day. Your funds are available the next business day.


The Best Way to Benefit

This service is a perfect fit for businesses or organizations that receive a substantial number of personal checks. e-Check Scan can produce data files to download into your existing accounting system, which will reduce the time it take to post your receipts. Cornerstone Bank provides the scanner and software necessary and provides assistance with installation and training. When e-Check Scan captures a copy of the check, a database of customers is created along with detailed information about your deposits.

For more information on getting e-Check Scan installed at your business, contact cashmanagement@cornerstone.bank.